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How To Offset Gains Taxes With Bitcoin Donations 2 h 10 min ago
When More Isn t Better Inflation In The 21st Century 2 h 54 min ago
Bosnia and Herzegovina Is Preparing a Draft Bill to Regulate Cryptocurrencies 2 h 54 min ago
Globe Listing on AscendEX 3 h 24 min ago
EOS Filecoin YFI Price Analysis 12 May 3 h 24 min ago
First-Ever Dual-Funded Mainnet Lightning Channel Opened 3 h 31 min ago
Petrodollar Deep Dive With Alex Gladstein 4 h 2 min ago
Double Bottom On The Dollar Could Be The End Of Bitcoin Rally 4 h 10 min ago
Ripple Price Prediction XRP USD Consolidates Around 1 35 4 h 22 min ago
Litecoin Tezos Uniswap Price Analysis 12 May 4 h 24 min ago
MoneyGram Supporting Retail Bitcoin Buying In US 4 h 27 min ago
Vitalik Buterin donates 1 billion in Shiba Inu coin SHIB to India s COVID fight 4 h 33 min ago
Can you BUY Facebook s DIEM at launch X-LIBRA project 4 h 43 min ago
Survey 1 in 4 American Investors Believe Dogecoin is the Future 4 h 54 min ago
BitMEX Executives Trial Set For March 2022 5 h 19 min ago
Chasing the DeFi hype and apeing in yield farms with crypto personality Matthias Mende 5 h 24 min ago
This Bitcoin bull on XRP supporters They just don t look at the truth sometimes 5 h 24 min ago
Bitwise Launches First Crypto-adjacent ETF in the U S 5 h 25 min ago
Bitcoin Price Prediction BTC USD Trades below 58 000 Resistance 5 h 32 min ago
Bitcoin Stock News Digihost TSXV DGHI OTCQB HSSHF Announces Deal With Northern Data AG Acquiring 10 000 Bitcoin Miners and Increasing Hashrate by 925PH 5 h 54 min ago
BTC USD Elects Stops Below 55310 in Pullback Sally Ho s Technical Analysis 13 May 2021 BTC 6 h 10 min ago
DOTOracle Rendering Decentralized Solutions to Polkadot and its Ecosystem 6 h 17 min ago
Hungary to Cut Tax on Crypto Profits in Half Down to 15 6 h 23 min ago
Papa John s Offering Free Bitcoin To U K Customers 6 h 33 min ago
Bitcoin Seduction Movie 6 h 51 min ago
Interview CEO of OKEx Jay Hao and the Lightning Network Team on Platform s Adoption of Bitcoin Layer-2 Scalability Solution 6 h 54 min ago
Bitcoin Optech 148 A Security Disclosure Affecting Protocols 7 h 13 min ago
Mark Yusko Sees BTC Reaching 250K By 2026 7 h 24 min ago
eFIN The Next-Era Blockchain-Based Decentralized Platform 7 h 25 min ago
MoneyGram to Enable Cash Transactions for Bitcoin across the US 7 h 42 min ago
Moneygram Lets Customers Buy and Sell Bitcoin With Cash at 12 000 Locations 7 h 54 min ago
Will Block One Bullish Global Exchange Be A Coinbase Killer 7 h 55 min ago
Meme Moon Will Be Launched on May 17 2021 8 h 3 min ago
Ethereum Approach 500 Gain In 2021 As Crypto Market Cap Surge Above 2 5 Trillion 8 h 18 min ago
What should traders know about profiting off of Bitcoin Ethereum s divergence 8 h 24 min ago
Check Your Financial Privilege 8 h 25 min ago
Ross Ulbricht Sues Federal Government Alleges Religious Rights Are Being Violated In Prison 8 h 57 min ago
Ethereum Options Trade Volume Exceeds Bitcoin s Deribit Introduces a 50K ETH Strike for 2022 9 h 24 min ago
Iconic Funds Physical Bitcoin ETP Gets Listed on Deutsche B rse s Xetra 9 h 25 min ago
Where To Buy Ethereum ETH As It Continues Hitting New ATHs 9 h 35 min ago
Ethereum at 4 400 is still very undervalued 9 h 36 min ago
I bought 1k of the Top 10 Cryptos on January 1st 2018 April Update Month 40 9 h 44 min ago
As Elon Musk s SpaceX Literally Sends Dogecoin To The Moon Justin Sun Craves For Tron to Tag Along 10 h 12 min ago
Ed Carpenter Racing Will Run A Bitcoin Car In The Indianapolis 500 Raising Money For Development With Strike 10 h 24 min ago
Facebook s Mark Zuckerberg Might Have Just Made A Grand Entrance Into The Bitcoin Market 10 h 24 min ago
This fact offers insights into how much Ethereum s price can grow 10 h 24 min ago
Here s How Uniswap Fees to LPs Are Beating Bitcoin on Revenues 10 h 39 min ago
Is XRP Price on the Path of Recovery or Will It Leave the List of Top 10 Altcoins 10 h 53 min ago
SEC to Scrutinize Funds Invested in Bitcoin Futures 10 h 55 min ago
MoneyGram locations to let customers buy and sell bitcoin with cash 11 h 0 min ago
Bitcoin Transactions Can be Private with Coinomize 11 h 11 min ago
Analyst Predicts Ethereum Price Could Rise Above 20k In This Bull Run 11 h 24 min ago
Uniqly Enters the NFT Market With a Remarkable Performance 11 h 25 min ago
MoneyGram Coinme Partner To Offer Fiat For Bitcoin At Thousands Of U S Locations 11 h 25 min ago
We will hit 5 million members this year Aggressively welcome newbies and remember that you were once one too 11 h 29 min ago
GIN Blockchain Releases Latest Version Of GIN Wallet 11 h 34 min ago
Why Wait For PoS When It s Already Here 11 h 43 min ago
Ethereum buy orders push 2021 gains to over 500 12 h 14 min ago
NYDIG Hires Bridgewater CFO In Drive To Bring Bitcoin To Banks 12 h 24 min ago
Our Goal Is to Become the Next Generation Mobile Crypto Bank Says CMO Co-founder of Mineplex Banking 12 h 25 min ago
TODAY IS THE DAY The fornication has finally begun 12 h 26 min ago
Analyst Warns of Broad Correction in the Cryptocurrency Market 12 h 54 min ago
How Financial Fraud is Prevented with the Samecoin DeFi Protocol 12 h 55 min ago
My Coinbase portfolio started in 2018 with 100 dollars it is now 10k and for the first time ever 12 h 59 min ago
PrimeXBT To Launch Yield Generating Product 13 h 5 min ago
Block One Invests 10BN In New Subsidiary 13 h 6 min ago
Dfinity Internet Computer Token Launched And Sent To Top 10 Cryptos 13 h 16 min ago
Crypto gains traction in the US - around 46 million Americans now hold Bitcoin 13 h 25 min ago
Uniswap Surpassed Bitcoin in Daily Revenue on 7-Day Average 13 h 26 min ago
EOS Soared 46 After Block one Invested 10B In An Exchange 13 h 30 min ago
Billionaire hedge fund manager Stanley Druckenmiller suggests a ledger based system may overtake the dollar 14 h 17 min ago
Bullish Cryptocurrency Exchange to Launch With Backing of Billionaire Investors Investment Bank Nomura 14 h 24 min ago
Bitcoin Supply Lights Up With Activity Due To Trading Range Boredom 14 h 33 min ago
Ethereum s Market Capitalization of 500 Billion Will Need To Double to Flip That of Bitcoin 14 h 39 min ago
Binance is getting 450 million visits a month according to similarweb Coinbase only has 90 million Others are around 9 million 14 h 53 min ago
Bitcoin reclaims key support zone above 56k with 4 bounce 14 h 55 min ago
OKEx Lists Dogecoin Killer SHIB USDT Spot and Perpetual Swap Pairs Now Available 15 h 1 min ago
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Names Pet Goats Max and Bitcoin Triggers Reactions 15 h 7 min ago
Texas House Gives Crypto-friendly Bill the Green Light 15 h 25 min ago
Gemini surpasses USD30bn in crypto under custody 15 h 27 min ago
QANplatform Raises 2 1m in Venture Round as Uniswap Listing Approaches 15 h 30 min ago
The STC Token is Live And Over 10 Crypto Exchanges are Ready for It 15 h 43 min ago
Free Bitcoin Papa John s Giving Away BTC With Pizza Purchases in UK 15 h 55 min ago
Tron TRX Price Analysis Bulls Aim Fresh Rally Above 0 15 15 h 56 min ago
Palantir Starts Accepting Bitcoin as Payment Method and Considers Adding Crypto to Its Balance Sheet 16 h 10 min ago
Bitcoin advocate One of the big benefits of DeFi as we see in Ethereum is 16 h 24 min ago
RemiBit Gives Control Back to The Users How Any Business Can Receive Crypto Payments 16 h 25 min ago
Binance BNB and Litecoin LTC Poised For Massive Surge Soon 16 h 44 min ago
South Korean Banking Association Concerned Over Surge of the Altcoin Trading Frenzy 17 h 24 min ago
Hackers Demand Bitcoin Ransom in Exchange for Unlocking Maltese Instagram User Accounts 17 h 29 min ago
Bitcoin Price Analysis BTC Eyes Fresh Rally To 60K 17 h 56 min ago
Bitcoin BTC Price Prediction and Signals May 12 2021 18 h 0 min ago
Bitcoin Price Prediction Why BTC USD Is Rangebound at 54k to 60k 18 h 45 min ago
Urban Tea Now Accepts Cryptocurrencies Including Dogecoin 18 h 55 min ago
Spring and Bondly NFT Partnership Unlocks Digital Potential for Creator Economy 19 h 24 min ago
The Bitcoin Bull Run Is Far From Over Metrics Reflect Healthy Status - Coins Moving to Long Term Holding Addresses 20 h 2 min ago
Dfinity s Internet Computer token ICP launches straight into the top 10 cryptos 20 h 24 min ago
Mastercard Payment Index More Consumers in Three African Countries Plan to Use Crypto Based Payment Methods 20 h 25 min ago
Kraken Daily Market Report for May 11 2021 21 h 2 min ago
NYDIG survey suggests 46 Million American own Bitcoin today That s more than 22 of adults over the age of 18 21 h 11 min ago
TA Bitcoin Shows Signs of Rally Here s What Could Trigger More Upsides 21 h 17 min ago
Bitcoin News today 12 05 2021 21 h 30 min ago
Bitcoin Is About to Make History Will Altcoin Mania Come to an End 21 h 32 min ago
What the Heck is Bitcoin anyway 21 h 46 min ago
Bitcoin Cash News today 12 05 2021 21 h 50 min ago
Bitcoin The 22nd Century Asset 21 h 54 min ago
3 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Cryptocurrency 22 h 3 min ago
Ethereum Price to Hit 19 842 by 2025 According to 35 Experts 22 h 24 min ago
Massive gain not sure what to do 23 h 2 min ago
Launch of Bitcoin ETFs in the U S could see further delays here s why 23 h 24 min ago
Goldman Sachs Executive Reportedly Resigns After Making Millions Investing in Dogecoin 23 h 54 min ago
Buy Signal NFL Quarterback Tom Brady May be into Bitcoin 24 h 24 min ago
Got tired of asking dumb questions in the daily and decided to make my own guide to Leverage Margin Trading Here s everything I ve learned in Q A format explained as simply as possible including an explanation of various terms risks and benefits and a comparison with good ol hodling 24 h 35 min ago
100 000 Micro Bitcoin Futures Trade on CME Exchange in First Six Days 25 h 19 min ago
A Privacy Standard In Bitcoin And How It Will Protect Bitcoin Users 25 h 56 min ago
Ripple s Partner Accenture Writes Paper With SWIFT On CBDCs 26 h 3 min ago
Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction Why BCH USD Is Homing In On 1 400 High 26 h 3 min ago
Polkadot Cosmos Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis 11 May 26 h 24 min ago
Despite how it feels sometimes crypto is NOT a get rich quick scheme 26 h 31 min ago
E-Commerce Giant Ebay Now Allows NFT Sales Citing Massive Wave of Attention 26 h 54 min ago
Advice from a long term investor delete your portfolio off your phone and use Google Sheets 27 h 13 min ago
Is There A Bitcoin Supply Shortage 27 h 19 min ago
PolkaLokr Listing on AscendEX 27 h 24 min ago
Elon Musk and His Likeness Were at the Center of Another Twitter BTC Scam 27 h 24 min ago
Chainlink VeChain Uniswap Price Analysis 11 May 27 h 25 min ago
Am I the only one that gets super salty watching shitcoins take off while the legitimate value providing highly developed projects I m invested in grow slowly 27 h 26 min ago
Bitcoin Price Prediction BTC USD Stuck Under 60 000 Resistance 27 h 56 min ago
Software Giant Palantir Joins the Bitcoin Race Hints At Gigantic BTC Buy 27 h 59 min ago
What s Dfinity Internet Computer A Brief Introduction 28 h 4 min ago
Interview The Bitcoin Bull Market With David Puell 28 h 14 min ago
Digital Yuan Trial Hotspot Not Seeing Wide Acceptance Claims Report 28 h 24 min ago
PARSIQ Now Offers Compatibility For Smart Triggers With The Polkadot Relay Chain 28 h 28 min ago
Papa John s Pizza is now offering 10 in free Bitcoin to U K customers 29 h 24 min ago
Is Elon Musk a Dogecoin Whale Some Think So 29 h 25 min ago
New York s Misguided Legislation To Pause Bitcoin Mining Won t Stop The Industry 29 h 31 min ago
Palantir to Accept Bitcoin for Services Considers Keeping BTC on Its Balance Sheet 29 h 54 min ago
Block one and partners raise 10B to launch EOS-based crypto exchange Bullish Global 30 h 19 min ago
One Year After The 2020 Halving Bitcoin Price Has Gained 533 30 h 38 min ago
Hungarian gov halves the tax on crypto profits from 30 to 15 This is a huge win 30 h 41 min ago
Is Facebook Getting into Bitcoin See What Mark Zuckerberg Just Did 30 h 50 min ago
While Tesla Decides on Dogecoin FNTX Users Can Buy Condos with DOGE 31 h 7 min ago
BTC USD Recovers After Print at 53622 Sally Ho s Technical Analysis 12 May 2021 BTC 31 h 10 min ago
Bloomberg Analyst Sees A U S Bitcoin ETF Coming In 2021 31 h 21 min ago
Arnold Schwarzenegger Just Doesn t Understand Crypto 31 h 24 min ago
Mark Zuckerberg s Goat Bitcoin Ignites Conspiracy Theories 31 h 25 min ago
The Bearish Signal Ethereum Bulls Need To Fear 31 h 27 min ago
Mixin Network integrates Solana blockchain into its layer-2 crypto platform 31 h 39 min ago
FBI Says Man Used Coinbase To Pay A Hitman In BTC For Wife s Murder 32 h 10 min ago
Taxes on crypto profits per country updating list 32 h 12 min ago
Ripple Reported Strong XRP Whale Accumulation While Still In Court 32 h 16 min ago
For the love of god please learn what market caps are 32 h 16 min ago
How Will the Rest of 2021 Look for Altcoins 32 h 23 min ago
Countdown to Digital Money 11 Things You Need to Know Now 32 h 24 min ago
Korean banks sound alarm as altcoins volumes grow in the country 32 h 24 min ago
Palantir Technologies Accepts Bitcoin Payments Might Hold On Balance Sheet 32 h 25 min ago
Tron TRX Fails To Hold Fort Above 0 13 32 h 30 min ago
Ethereum ETH Network Becomes Unusable as Meme Coins Decimate Fees 32 h 34 min ago
ETH s Unstoppable Rally Keeps Going Into Uncharted Territory 32 h 36 min ago
Bitcoin Price Prediction BTC USD May Extend the Downside Correction to 54 500 as Bulls Failed to Keep the Uptrend 32 h 46 min ago
Biden Economics US Jobs Report Lackluster Unemployment Extensions Hammer Supply Chain Americans Want More Stimulus 32 h 55 min ago
Bitcoin Vault Inks Major Deal With ESE To Co-Produce Gaming eSports Talent Show 33 h 7 min ago
Gemini has 10 free withdrawals per calendar month I don t know why y all aren t exclusively buying your BTC ETH ERC-20 Tokens there 33 h 25 min ago
Sigmax io introduces an innovative trading bot that simplifies arbitrage trading 33 h 49 min ago
Cryptocurrency Stock News Killi TSXV MYID Allows Coinbase Users to Redeem Bitcoin or Ethereum in Exchange for the Use of Their Data 34 h 8 min ago
Dogecoin Blows Hot As Dogefather Elon Musk Considers Making DOGE A Payment Option At Tesla 34 h 12 min ago
Stellar Lumens XLM Price Prediction and Analysis in May 2021 34 h 17 min ago
As Bitcoin Grinds Ethereum Sees Record High Figures After Smashing Past 4K 34 h 17 min ago
Casper CSPR IUO Ghost Tokens Are Pumping 34 h 20 min ago
Chair Finance Debuts Groundbreaking First DEX For Utility NFTs 34 h 23 min ago
Legendary Investor Stanley Druckenmiller USD Will Lose World Reserve Currency Status 34 h 24 min ago
How Long Does a Bitcoin Bull Run Last Proponents Use a Myriad of Charts and Models to Predict Future Prices 34 h 24 min ago
The Bitcoin Bull Run Is Far From Over Here s What s Following 34 h 25 min ago
Will Facebook s Mark Zuckerberg Kill or Save Bitcoin The Goat 34 h 31 min ago
DMG Provides Core Strategy Update on Blockseer Pool Platform 34 h 37 min ago
Man Used Coinbase to Pay Hitman in Bitcoin for Wife s Murder FBI Says 34 h 41 min ago
What Makes Bitcoin Such a Popular Payment Provider 34 h 42 min ago
More Than 100 000 CME Micro Bitcoin Futures Trade In First Week 34 h 48 min ago
Palantir Now Accepts Bitcoin Mulling Investment Report 34 h 49 min ago
Palantir Starts Accepting Bitcoin May Add to Balance Sheet 34 h 50 min ago
Cryptocurrency Fund Launches to Combat Volatility in Bitcoin 35 h 4 min ago
Bitpunter io Lists Licensed Bitcoin Casino and Betting Sites 35 h 10 min ago
CME Group Reports Solid Demand for Micro BTC Contracts 35 h 14 min ago
Elon Musk Asks Twitter Followers if Tesla Should Accept Dogecoins 35 h 18 min ago
Inside The Caribbean Villas Using Bitcoin To Advance Financial Freedom 35 h 23 min ago
Bitcoin Bull Run Delivers Admirable Q1 Results For Invictus 35 h 23 min ago
Cardano Litecoin Chainlink Ethereum Zilliqa which of these alts are on the cusp of breaking out 35 h 24 min ago
Centric CNR CNS Announces Migration to Binance Smart Chain 35 h 25 min ago
Macau casino investor bets on Bitcoin BTC amidst a bleak economic outlook 35 h 25 min ago
BTC Market Dominance Reaches the Lowest Level since July 2018 35 h 38 min ago
Looking for high level education on cryptocurrencies and blockchain Here s a list of the top free online courses offered by some of the leading universities 35 h 53 min ago
Shiba Inu SHIB the Dogekiller 3 reasons to buy 3 reasons to sell 35 h 54 min ago
Richard Branson Found to Be Crypto Scammers Favorite Brit Celebrity 35 h 54 min ago
The Greater Fool Theory - Why shitcoins are increasing in popularity and quantity 36 h 1 min ago
What Is a Bitcoin Address Here s All You Need to Know 36 h 8 min ago
For the first time since I started my crypto journey I haven t looked at my portfolio on over 24 hours 36 h 24 min ago
Cboe Becomes Fidelity-Linked Bitcoin ETF s Exchange Partner 36 h 30 min ago
Forget about bank loans with the Student Coin Crypto Ecosystem 36 h 57 min ago
Why Bitcoin is the Best Cryptocurrency to Invest In 37 h 1 min ago
Cboe BZX Exchange Backs Wise Origin Bitcoin ETF Paves Way for SEC Review 37 h 9 min ago
How to Start a Bitcoin Exchange Business 37 h 19 min ago
On-Chain Analyst Claims ETFs Will Send Bitcoin to the Moon 37 h 21 min ago
Is There More to Mark Zuckerberg s Bitcoin Goat Post 37 h 26 min ago
After Bitcoin BTC Elon Musk s Tesla Might Consider Dogecoin DOGE for Payments 37 h 35 min ago
The STC Token is Live And Over 10 Crypto Exchanges are Ready for It 37 h 37 min ago
Elon Musk Asks Twitter Users If They Want Tesla To Accept Payment In Dogecoin 37 h 46 min ago
How Does Crypto Lending Differ From Traditional Lending 37 h 56 min ago
Happy Birthday Bitcoin Halving A comparison with the previous cycle and what could be in store for the rest of this bullrun 38 h 5 min ago
Where to Buy Shiba Inu SHIB The Heir to Dogecoin 38 h 6 min ago
Elon Musk Hints at Tesla Accepting Dogecoin for Payments 38 h 24 min ago
1 7 billion liquidated as crypto markets dumps after petcoin frenzy 38 h 24 min ago
BTC Privacy Feud Explodes After Snowden Talks New Taproot Upgrade 38 h 53 min ago
Man Who Pays Hitman in Bitcoin to Kill His Wife Gets Traced Back to Coinbase Account 38 h 58 min ago
Post-SNL Scam Gather 300 000 In Bitcoin Dogecoin And Ethereum 39 h 0 min ago
MXC Exchange Set to List Casper CSPR 39 h 2 min ago
Mark Zuckerberg Alludes To Owning Bitcoin After He Shares Photo Of Pet Goat 39 h 17 min ago
Elon Musk asks Do you want Tesla to accept Doge 77 say yes 39 h 23 min ago
I get invited to a pump and dump group and observe them for you 39 h 24 min ago
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Endorses Bitcoin in a Subtle Way 39 h 25 min ago
UBS to offer wealthy clients access to crypto 39 h 29 min ago
Dogecoin Price Analysis DOGE Seeks Fresh Leg Up After 40 Dump 39 h 34 min ago
Cardano ADA Price Analysis Uptrend Intact Above 1 5 39 h 56 min ago
Study says Bitcoin can be at risk due to subpar safekeeping 40 h 23 min ago
Opimas estimates that over USD190 billion worth of bitcoin is currently at risk due to sub-par safekeeping 40 h 38 min ago
El Corte Ingles Files for a Crypto-Related Trademark to Provide Financial Services 40 h 54 min ago
Mechanism Capital Co-Founder Originally Only Purchased BTC To Buy DOGE 40 h 54 min ago
Bitcoin BTC Price Prediction BTC USD Falls Again as Buying Power Dries up at 60 000 Psychological Price Level 40 h 55 min ago
The STC Token Is Live And Over 10 Crypto Exchanges Are Ready for It 41 h 25 min ago
Bitcoin May Continue to Face Headwind after Plunging to 53 500 41 h 25 min ago
This project offers Bitcoin rewards for Afrofuturist art that will be featured as NFTs 41 h 26 min ago
Ethereum Price Analysis ETH Trims Gains From 4 220 But Dips Limited 41 h 56 min ago
On-Chain Bitcoin Analyst Willy Woo No Way Are We Entering a Bear Market 42 h 56 min ago
Mark Zuckberg Posts a Photo of Bitcoin on Facebook 43 h 26 min ago
Japanese Assembly Members Seek to Make Tokyo a Cryptocurrency Trading Center 43 h 54 min ago
Mechanism Capital Co-Founder Originally Only Purchased BTC To Buy DOGE 44 h 2 min ago
Kraken Daily Market Report for May 10 2021 44 h 53 min ago
Bitcoin Struggles to Maintain Its Dominance 44 h 54 min ago
TA Bitcoin Fails Again Here s Why BTC Remains At Risk of More Losses 45 h 16 min ago
Everybody Loves Dogecoin Analysis 10 May 45 h 30 min ago
NFL Star Quarterback Tom Brady Hops on the Bitcoin Bandwagon Turns on Laser Eyes 45 h 49 min ago
Bitcoin News today 11 05 2021 45 h 50 min ago
CMC100-Report 19 2021 SHIBA INU pumps 1600 45 h 53 min ago
Bitcoin Cash News today 11 05 2021 46 h 5 min ago
Unpopular opinion you can be a serious investor in BTC ETH and simultaneously be a gambler in SHIB CUMWHATEVER 46 h 8 min ago
Binance Lists SHIB Will It Become The Next DOGE 47 h 26 min ago
Some charts to help you where we are in the bull cycle 48 h 18 min ago
Crypto Analyst Buying Litecoin Now Is Like 2020 Ethereum 48 h 25 min ago
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