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Premium Set of Crypto Analytics Tools

Our platform gives you cutting edge analytical tools that are needed for staying on top of the cryptocurrency markets.

Each day, we analyze millions of social media posts and market-moving news, calculating buzz and sentiment about individual coins in real-time to give you an edge over your competition.

We built a sophisticated AI engine to automatically detect major chart patterns on hundreds of cryptocurrencies each day.

Enter your portfolio and use our risk management and historical simulations to get range estimate of potential profits and possible drawdowns.

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Portfolio Tracker

BittsAnalytics allows you to set up and track you own personalised portfolio. Our analytics tools allow you to easily us track the changes in portfolio value as well as individual cryptocurrencies of the portfolio.

To better understand the potential of your personalized portfolio we provide you with historical simulations.

Our Risk Management tools such as risk attribution will help you understand where are the main risks hidden in your portfolio. Risk metrics such as VaR and Maximum drawdown will help you understand possible losses in adverse scenarios. You can use further Portfolio optimization software from other providers to perform portfolio optimization of your assets.

Social Media Mentions

Prices of many assets are influenced by the hype and number of social media mentions about them. Often it is very worthwile to know which cryptocurrencies are the main talk of the financial world or which are experiencing a sudden surge in interest. You can get this information with our BittsAnalytics.

We are calculating number of mentions for cryptocurrencies in social media to find surges in interest as well as deliver historical comparisons and analysis. BittsAnalytics can thus serve as a very effective crypto social media tracker of cryptocurrencies.

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Crypto Sentiment Analysis

Prices of certain assets are importantly driven by the sentiment and hype about them. By subscribing to BittsAnalytics you can easily access cryptocurrency sentiment data in real-time and in historical chart. We provide you with Bitcoin Sentiment Index, Ethereum Sentiment Index and sentiment indices for all other cryptocurrencies.

We also provide you with powerful analytical tools so you can easily get important insights from our sentiment data. For examples of how real-time sentiment can serve as trading signals (what we call "BittsSignals") please visit our blog posts about BittsSignals. All of our sentiment data is also available as API.

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Crypto Fear Index and Greed Index

Crypto like other investment markets is also susceptible to phases of greed and fear, resulting in large swings of prices. Compared to stocks, this phenomenon has been more pronounced in the digital assets markets. To help with assessing the various phases of the cryptocurrency markets we have developed fear index and greed index for bitcoin and other crypto coins. We have also implemented such indices for the total market.

Read more about performance of Bitcoin Sentiment Indicator in our blog: Bitcoin Sentiment Indicator

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Cryptocurrency News

We are tracking thousands of news sources each day to find thousands of important and insightful news on cryptocurrencies in real-time. We categorize news per cryptocurrency so you can easily see all the important news about a given cryptocurrency published in real-time.

Each news is also tagged with sentiment, determined with AI models developed by our machine learning consulting, based on the text of the individual news. This gives you an additional way of searching for news and providing crypto news sentiment analysis about individual cryptocurrencies. In addition to top market capitalization coins, we also cover hundreds of others, including Litecoin, EOS, Binance Coin, Tether, Stellar, Cardano, Moneto, Dash, Tezos, Ontology, Maker, NEM and others.

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Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis - upcoming feature

We have built an advanced system for automated detection of chart patterns and integrated it in our platform. If you do not want to lose your time each day looking for new chart patterns on thousands of cryptocurrencies but want to have it available each day automatically then BittsAnalytics platform is the right solution for you.

For patterns we will also provide you with advanced statistics such as risk reward ratios. If interested in bitcoin technical analysis or for thousands of other coins then BittsAnalytics is the right solution for you.

We are using machine learning to automatically detect complex chart patterns as part of our cryptocurrency technical analysis.

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Cryptocurrency API

Why BittsAnalytics?

BittsAnalytics is a high-quality platform which provides real-time, reliable and unique data REST APIs for the cryptocurrency market. We specialise in providing data sets with high impact on prices of digital assets: social media sentiment and social media mentions. Our APIs are used by many hedge funds and individual clients.

Cryptocurrency historical data API

We have been one of the early providers of crypto social media tracker. This allows us to offer our clients long historical ranges for our data, which is essential for building investment strategy models of high quality. We do not offer crypto API tiers based on number of ticker coins. With our plan you get data for all coins tracked.

Use cases

Use cases include systematic trading (a lot of our clients are hedge funds), market making, big data and data science products, data visualization consulting services portfolio value tracking.

Data Delivery

Our social media cryptocurrency data is delivered to you on-demand using well-documented and simpleHTTP RESTful API in JSON format. You can use our data in various frameworks, including python, javascript, PHP, Microsoft Excel and on various operating systems, including Linux and Windows.

Access to data is granted upon purchase of our Advanced Plan, which provides you with your crypto api private key.

Free Crypto News API

One of our APIs that we offer for free is cryptocurrency news API. We track in real-time the most important stories related to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Tron and many other coins. Each news story is analysed by our machine learning models which determine sentiment polarity of texts.. This allows us to determine sentiment of news both on aggregate levels as well as for individual coins.

If you subscribe to one of our plans you obtain access to our news aggregator which contains Bitcoin news feed api, Ethereum news feed api and for other coins.

Dedicated Support

We are believers in customer satisfaction and will provide you with professional support with quick turnaround times.


Sentiment and other data points generated (per month)

100+ million

combinations of social media posts - cryptocurrencies analysed (per month)

Sentiment and Buzz of Cryptocurrencies

social media analytics data delayed by 24 hours, purchase plan for real-time access

Cryptocurrency Price 24hr %change Social Buzz Momentum Sentiment Momentum Marketcap (mil. USD) Actions
Bitcoin Sentiment Index $49507.85 -2.7 -169.7 36.2 923052.7 Buy access to data
Ethereum Sentiment Index $1575.68 -1.2 -207.3 -240.3 181063.9 Buy access to data
Cardano Sentiment Index $1.16 -5.6 -89.1 -24.0 37030.7 Buy access to data
Binance Coin Sentiment Index $237.52 -2.5 -43.0 2.1 36704.0 Buy access to data
Tether Sentiment Index $1.00 0.1 -114.6 31.9 36285.1 Buy access to data
Polkadot Sentiment Index $36.22 -3.1 -117.3 -24.2 35127.0 Buy access to data
Ripple Sentiment Index $0.457 2.6 -124.6 -32.9 20736.6 Buy access to data
Litecoin Sentiment Index $185.21 -1.7 -95.4 -13.2 12333.6 Buy access to data
Bitcoin Cash Sentiment Index $516.05 -3.1 -119.3 73.1 9634.9 Buy access to data
Stellar Lumens Sentiment Index $0.414 -1.9 -80.0 -54.5 9339.2 Buy access to data
Uniswap Sentiment Index $28.65 10.1 -81.9 -191.3 8930.9 Buy access to data
USD Coin Sentiment Index $0.999 -0.1 160.7 -7.2 8621.4 Buy access to data
NEM Sentiment Index $0.720 -9.8 -50.8 15.6 6480.2 Buy access to data
Dogecoin Sentiment Index $0.0499 -1.0 -24.4 7.5 6422.8 Buy access to data
Aave Sentiment Index $395.87 -1.2 -81.1 -34.6 4918.4 Buy access to data
Theta Token Sentiment Index $4.28 14.6 -58.6 -13.7 4275.4 Buy access to data
Monero Sentiment Index $215.12 -1.3 -69.7 -4.7 3840.9 Buy access to data
Tron Sentiment Index $0.0525 8.8 -86.3 53.0 3760.2 Buy access to data
EOS Sentiment Index $3.82 -0.4 -68.8 70.9 3636.8 Buy access to data
Bitcoin SV Sentiment Index $185.68 -0.8 9.7 33.1 3466.5 Buy access to data
VETVechain Sentiment Index $0.0517 11.1 -28.7 23.0 3327.7 Buy access to data
Huobi Token Sentiment Index $16.68 10.2 -19.5 14.9 3116.9 Buy access to data
Tezos Sentiment Index $3.80 -1.1 -23.8 -10.8 2897.1 Buy access to data
NEO Sentiment Index $39.05 -1.8 -34.0 51.6 2754.3 Buy access to data
Dai Sentiment Index $1.000 0.1 -20.9 6.4 2536.2 Buy access to data
Dash Sentiment Index $218.09 -3.0 -37.1 -31.8 2182.5 Buy access to data
Maker Sentiment Index $2172.94 -4.1 -55.9 -70.2 2162.6 Buy access to data
LEOcoin Sentiment Index $1.92 -4.9 -23.6 127.8 1921.1 Buy access to data
Decred Sentiment Index $148.79 0.7 -51.8 -72.8 1885.0 Buy access to data
Zcash Sentiment Index $123.77 -2.2 -55.1 74.5 1393.5 Buy access to data
Zilliqa Sentiment Index $0.124 2.4 -13.6 97.3 1368.6 Buy access to data
Ethereum Classic Sentiment Index $11.42 1.8 -74.7 -15.0 1327.9 Buy access to data
Ravencoin Sentiment Index $0.152 -4.0 -59.5 -68.8 1257.9 Buy access to data
Nexo Sentiment Index $2.22 -1.1 -34.1 -10.3 1245.1 Buy access to data
Enjin Coin Sentiment Index $1.42 25.4 -6.6 56.8 1187.5 Buy access to data
ICON Sentiment Index $1.99 14.7 -23.9 19.3 1178.7 Buy access to data
0x Sentiment Index $1.46 4.4 -13.0 -104.3 1095.0 Buy access to data
Basic Attention Token Sentiment Index $0.720 6.8 12.0 16.4 1072.3 Buy access to data
Bancor Sentiment Index $6.99 13.2 -20.0 -6.6 1028.9 Buy access to data
Waves Sentiment Index $9.64 -0.4 -63.2 -33.9 1006.7 Buy access to data
DigiByte Sentiment Index $0.0607 4.3 -28.2 6.4 855.1 Buy access to data
Ontology Sentiment Index $1.01 4.1 -49.2 70.1 812.9 Buy access to data
IOStoken Sentiment Index $0.0478 16.3 126.4 38.0 783.1 Buy access to data
Loopring Sentiment Index $0.575 -1.9 -44.7 -11.7 702.7 Buy access to data
Decentraland Sentiment Index $0.438 42.3 -39.0 129.0 689.5 Buy access to data
Nano Sentiment Index $5.17 -1.5 -38.7 51.3 689.4 Buy access to data
OmiseGo Sentiment Index $4.82 1.7 -47.5 -29.1 676.3 Buy access to data
Qtum Sentiment Index $5.68 7.0 -37.0 -13.4 557.3 Buy access to data
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